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So Christy Mack races rally cars on the weekends but she never wins. I told her I could probably beat her if we raced so we decided to go go karting. But before we did I wanted to have some fun with her so we went back to my place.... SEE MORE!
Aubrey Sky in Out on the town
So I met a girl while I was out the other night and got her number. We talked again yesterday and I asked her to meet me at Citywalk. She...
Mika Sparx in Back Alley BJ
Its another beautiful day here in sunny California! Today Iím meeting my friend Mike Sparx for lunch and maybe some fun ...
Destiny Jaymes in To the rescue
So my best friend Dick and his girlfriend Destiny had another fight. They fight all the fucking time. Iím usually there to help them get ...
Lexi Diamond has missed 3 months of school. That a long fucking time. The principal told me since she lived so close that I should take a little jog over to her place to see if she's ok. Well I gotta do what my boss tells me. I got to her place and she was in bed. She said she got a boob job and her doctor told her she needed rest. I think she was a little confused... READ MORE
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