Lilly and Laney in "Licking Miss Laney"
Lilly was playing with her pussy when her step sibling Laney came home drunk from a party. Naturally, Laney was horny as shit and wanted to mess around. But she was tired of the same old jackhammering from a drunk dude she'd never talk to again so she decided to get really kinky and put the moves on her step sister Lilly. Luckily for Laney, when she got home Lilly was playing with her pussy in the tub and ready to get her lick on. Lilly got her pussy licked by a girl for the first time and she's so glad it was her hot step-sister. Damn these stepsiblings are hot as fuck! Which one do you like best? My fav is Laney's cute little tits and her sexy tat! To be honest, they both lick-a-like!
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