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Today I missed the bus on purpose so I could try and get a ride from Mr. Fitzergood. He tried to resist but I cracked him and when were alone in his car I showed him how much I really appreciated him helping me with a little head then we went back inside his office and let him eat my pussy in his office. I crawled up on his desk and spread my pussy and he made sure to give me a ride I’d never forget!
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Today was my dance recital and I was freaking out! I showed someone my costume and they didn’t like it and I was getting really scared so I went to see Mr. Fitzergood to quit but he tried to help me out. He got me to sit down and relax by feeling me up. It caught me off guard at first but I didn’t want him to stop so I told him keep going. I was soaking through my panties so I undressed and let him get inside me!
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