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Joe the Gringo is back and telling us all about the ladies in Medellin, Colombia. The way they dress, the guys they like, and the way they like to get fucked. And to show us exactly what he meant he met a nice young Mamacita named Nicole and brought her over to show off. She was wearing some nice tight pants that showed off her round and curvy ass. The Latinas and the fat bottoms are like kool-aid and sugar. They just go together hand and hand and they taste so good. Nicole sucked cock like and pro. She begged for Joe to lay her ass over the couch and fill her up with a meat injection. What man could resist a request like that? She was getting fucked hard and loving it. Yelling and moaning as her warm wet pussy was getting being penetrated. When Joe pulled out and shot his load she was waiting with an open mouth to catch every last drop.
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Good Old primo and I were bored so we took another trip down to Venezuela to hang out with a friend of primo's. The kind of friend that had a big nice booty, little waist and succulent breast!!! Those are the best kind of friends. His friend came down and she was looking stunning. She told primo she had a surprise for him and before we knew it she was calling down for chicas for us to drool over. Three sexy young Latinas came down and graced us with their presence. We were like kids in the candy store. Surrounded by some much ass and titties! We couldn't stop staring. They walked over by the pool and we made our way over. Primo talked them into starting a little game of strip volley ball. Everytime the ball was dropped some body lost their clothes. If you ended up naked the real fun started. By now some of the sexy ladies were naked and playing with their wet pussies and primo decided to throw the game and unleash the cock on them. They were pretty warmed up and started working on them selves. After some a little lesbian orgy Primo picked one of them out and put his cock in her mouth. Her name was Samantha and she loved cock and getting off. These two fucked for awhile and couldn't get enough so we added another cock into the mix for her to ..
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