Our last day in Colombia is here. Tomorrow really early we will be leaving to Panama I think so we decided to go out one last time and see if we could scoop up a fine ass Loca to take home! While Primo was talking shit we saw an exquisite beauty walk by and make eye contact. She seemed interested so we talked to her a little bit. She introduced herself in English, her name was Violet. She spoke way better English then Primo. You could actually make out what she was saying haha! Well this sexy young mami was wearing a shirt that left nothing to the imagination. Her big perky tits were almost completely exposed and we couldn't stop staring. We stop to get a bite to eat and then she invited us back to her house and we got to pop those titties out! I can't stress how perfect they were. I really really honestly can't say I've ever seen a better pair of tits. Violeta and Primo got down and started the foreplay and then she got up on a table and fingered herself for us. That's so sexy. She wanted some cock so we gave her 2 to work with. Girls this fine don't usually do things this naughty so we made sure to enjoy every second of it and we left her with a puddle of cum between her tits to remember us by. Ciao Colombia!
Oh shit! We got a wild one this week. My boy Johnny told me about a little saloon where a sexy Latina works. We walked in after hours and she was not cool with that. We tried to talk to her for a bit and get to know her but she was quite hostile. She didnít like me or the camera and was trying to turn it off by slapping at it. It was getting out of hand and Johnny had to calm her down. She said her name was Karen Tovar and she was from Colombia and operated the saloon. He smooth talked her and she started warming up to him. He talked her into a little strip tease which was so fucking hot!!! She was shook her ass in a way that was mouthwatering. With in a couple minutes they were naked and fucking in the middle of the bar. What a sexy bitch she was that loved cock. We tamed this loca just for you!
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Back in Colombia. The good Primo takes us to another of his many spots for picking up the ladies. This time he brings us to this park where he swears the ladies like to chill at. We hung out for awhile and I was about to give up when a nice curvy Loca walked by eyeballing us. We ain’t never scared so we stared back and she came over to greet us. Her name was Ginyer and she had a little waist with some plump tits and a booty like no other. We talked for a bit and she invited us back to her place so we could get to know each other a bit better. That girl code for “I want some dick. You want to give it to me?” and we did so we went. The Latinas don’t waste time. As soon as we hit the door Primo had the foreplay going and Ginyer dropped down quick and started the mouth love. Oh how we love girls that know how to suck a dick. It’s a priceless talent that all women should learn. I guess that park was good luck. We picked up a sexy young babe and she popped that pussy like an Uncle Luke video!
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