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Watch How We Manipulate These Girls into Giving up the Cooch!
Cherry Ferretti
I got to the locker room and started changing when I thought I heard something. I looked around but saw nothing until I turned around and a beaver talked to me. I called Coach Chibbles to check it out but he found nothing. Instead he helped me relax and took my clothes off which helped but the most relaxing part was when I got on my knees and he stuck his cock in my mouth! I feel great...
Katie Michaels
Dick's back with a new girl he met this week and she's a keeper folks. This girl is from Oregon and not only is she hella fucking cute with her glasses and innocence but she's also really really smart and going to law school at a very prestigious school on the east coast. Imagine that; a girl that can fuck like a nympho and make more money then you, she's definitely a catch. Her names Anna Stevens as you can see she's...
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