I was hiding for Amea Moretti to get back home so I could give her a quick scare. She got off the phone and I popped out! She was freaked until she knew it was me. I sat back and let her do whatever she wanted which was give me the blowjob of my life!
My girl Alexa called me up and told me she got something special for me so I rushed home because I couldn’t wait. She finally got home and showed me the sexy fucking lingerie she got me. Her big beautiful tits were popping out! The blowjob she gave me was amazing. She really knows how to work a cock and I came all over her pretty face!
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This girl sucks... because being good at guitar hero wont pay your bills
Ally’s boat got wrecked and she called me up to come pick her up. When I got there I found her standing on the top of her sunken boat so I took her somewhere nice where we could be alone and she could thank me by deepthroating my cock!
This girl sucks...it's the only JOB that does BLOW.. in a good way
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