Zoe Parker: Dress Code Violation
Zoe Parker typically follows all the rules, but there are some rules in life that are meant to be broken. She likes to get high on weed and not wear her panties. Sounds like a dream come true right? Not at Innocent High. Zoe fucks up off the bat by falling asleep in class. Her teacher notices her weed sticking out of her bag. This is strictly against school policy, so he wakes her up and confronts her. After he finds out why she hasn't been wearing the panties (it's more comfortable for her), he decides that maybe he can forget about this if she's willing to let him examine what it feels like. She lifts her skirt and his cold pervy hands start rubbing her sweet little pussy. She winces in pleasure, and then it just keeps going. They fuck all over that classroom like the kid with ADD that never sits down. Zoe takes a cock just as good as her parents took her honor roll report, WITH OPEN ARMS! Mr. Rich rewards her with a steamy facial, so Zoe knows this is one assignment she has definitely exceeded expectations on for sure.

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