Cece Capella
"One Mile At A Time"
Lately, it seems that Cece has only been able to live her life just one mile at a time. Not because she is fast or furious, but because it is the only thing that's able to pay the bills right now. She's a struggling 19 year old who is just trying to get by, and with the economy the way it is, sometimes you have to get a job that you aren't meant for. Being a driver is what Cece has ended up doing for now. It is definitely not her calling, but it surely brings home the bacon. Today, Cece is lucky enough to pick up Tony, our director. He notices how hot she is, and also that she could use a little extra cash. The first offer is 40 dollars just to see her titties real quick. Easy money. She whips out her perfectly perky baby buffets and Tony can't believe what he sees! He needs more than just a little titty glance. When he offers her more cash, Cece already knows the deal. She drops neck on Tony right there in the front seat. He definitely got his money's worth. They proceed back to Tony's place where Cece's tight teen pussy gets turned like it's going out of style. She rubs her clit as that huge cock goes in and out to make it even more of an enjoyable experience. When she gets on top to ride, her tits bounce around like some adorable party pillows. Cece is also able to smack her ass straight down on Tony's cock even fiercer than a lumberjack chopping some wood. When Tony can't take it anymore, he quickly pulls out and busts some phat goo spurts right onto Cece's ass and back. Let's just say at this point, Cece is totally down to give Tony a ride anytime he wants...

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