Alex Grey: Miracle Grow
Petite little Alex is a sad girl supreme. It seems like every year she is the smallest girl at school. She just wants to be tall and slender like all the other girls. Maybe one day, or possibly even today? She hears a knock on the door and it's her friend Buddy! He hit a major growth spurt, but not naturally. He's been using a product called miracle grow and its extended him two inches a week for the past month! Alex needs this now. Its only fifty bucks, but Alex is broke. She decides to see if maybe she could use her tiny assets to gain some bigger ones. She kneels down and forces her mouth open as wide as she can to fit Buddy's fat cock. It barely fits but she's able to work it. She then spreads her tiny micro pussy to its extremes so Buddy's cock can fuck it. Watching this incredibly tiny girl bounce on a thick dick was quite enticing. Buddy eventually came in her mouth, and left her with the miracle grow pills. Too bad that shit was empty! It was a ploy on her sluttiness and it worked. Not only will Alex never grow now, but she's got a tummy full of cum and it' s not the most fun!

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