Kinsley Eden: BUFU Sister In Law
Kinsley has been staying with her sister for a while trying incredibly hard to suppress her desires to fuck her husband. Luckily, Kinsley overhears that her sis will be out of town for a few days. This is her perfect chance to pounce. She orders some custom lace and seduces the fuck out of him. Once they are all alone and his cock is within the grips of her cheeks, there is no escaping destiny. Kinsley's sister never even let him lick her booty, so an entire brown eye to stuff was overwhelming. He rose to the occasion though, and so did Kinsley's anal orgasm meter. She has never convulsed so hard from fucking before, this was definitely worth the risk. Plus, he jizzed all in her asshole so contraception also wasn't a factor. Talk about the perfect crime!

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