Avery Adair: Iced Pussy Pastries
Avery has spent all day baking a fresh creamy pie for her culinary class final. Everything has to be perfect or else she doesn't pass. Just as she puts it in the oven, she hears a knock on the door. It was her brother's friend Chad who was here to chill, but Avery's bro wasn't home yet. Chad vibed and watched as Avery completed her pie. As soon as she takes it out, she's furious. She somehow fucked it up. She throws it in the garbage and tells Chad about how it wasn't just any pie, it was a CREAMPIE! Believe it or not, Chad had actually made a few of those in his day. Avery was desperate and needed Chad's last minute help. Sure enough he wasn't talking about an edible creampie, but a coitus creampie. He rammed his thick cock around Avery's pussy like a whisk, and made sure to spread his luscious cream all around that fresh hot pussy. The pie they made may not be enough to pass her culinary exam, but we are willing to bet she will have no problem acing a pregnancy test ;)

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