Lily Jordan: Hopeless Means You're Fucked
Lily's mom is relying on her friend Aaron and the babysitter's club to help straighten Lily out. She has been misbehaving/out of control and needs some structure in her life. Her first assignment is at Aaron's house. He tries giving Lily a little pep talk, but she's the least interested person in the world. She might be hopeless, but watching Aaron's children and house are her last shot to really prove herself. Lily is left by Aaron, and it's all up to her now. Aaron arrives a few hours later, only to see his house a mess and Lily passed out on the couch. This was completely unacceptable. Before she could get the 3rd degree, Lily offered to make it up to Aaron. She reached for his long dick and started sucking. Aaron wasn't usually the type to let someone off easily, but damn he hasn't gotten a good nut in a while. He continued to relieve all of his anger and frustrations out on Lily's tiny twat and expelled his gizm all over her face. This is the last facial she's gonna get before boarding school, so she better savor it!

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